14.Oct-15.Oct, 2020Taipei, Taiwan

Taiwan-Japan Matchmaking Conference on Aging Research Cooperation

See The Future with Assisted Living Technology

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See The Future With Assisted Living Technology

Welcome Join Us in Taipei 2020!

In 2020, it is particularly exciting as GASE enters its 2nd year to bring together over 20 excellent universities from all over Taiwan to facilitate partnerships across the world and various research disciplinary. As AGING Society becomes a challenge and vital issue for both Taiwan and Japan, GASE organizes “Taiwan-Japan Matchmaking Conference on Aging Research Cooperation: See The Future with Assisted Living Technology” to invite Taiwanese participants to join on-site to discuss future cooperation opportunities with Japanese researchers online. Learn more

About GASE

The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (GASE), launched on November 2018, plays a critical role in facilitating global partnerships with diverse scientific research institutions. GASE is a joint initiative by MOST and National Taiwan University (NTU). Designed as a university- centered structure with 15 university members on the Steering Committee, the goal of GASE is twofold: first, to elevate Taiwan’s engagement with international research community; second, to nurture and empower local researchers.
This conference is part of GASE’s FORMOSA+ program, a series of event programs (Global Expert / Youth Networking / Staff Training) that invite experts to share their international experiences and exchange their professional knowledge for young scholars, academia administration staffs and researchers. GASE FORMOSA+ series aims to foster global human resources to have active international interactions and strengthen the ability to expand international collaboration.

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On behalf of GASE, I’m pleased to invite all the eminent participants from Taiwan and Japan to this great conference. As GASE’s main task is to enhance Taiwan and global scientific research cooperation, this is what we hope to accomplish with GASE Matching Conference 2020. We hope this event harvests a spirit of global unity and cooperation, and that within it flourishes a great matching and conversation regarding the future of scientific innovation in both countries. To conclude, we wish all the participants great success in their future endeavors and hope you could create new relationships, in the meanwhile, enjoy the event as well.

Director Prof. Hsiao-Wei YUAN

Current Position

  • Director, Center for Global Affairs and Science Engagement (GASE)
  • Vice President for International Affairs, Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan University
  • Professor, School of Forestry and Resource Conservation, National Taiwan University









Meet Our Professonals


Jim Jinn-Chyuan SHEU

Institute of Biomedical Sciences, National Sun Yat-Sen University

Jim J.-C. Sheu, molecular biologist, received his Ph.D. degree from National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan and post-doc training at the Johns Hop...



Headquarters for International Industry-University Collaboration, University of Tsukuba

Sosuke Miyoshi was born in Hiroshima, and earned his Ph.D. in hematopoietic stem cell research from Prof. Hiro Nakauchi, MD, Ph.D at the Univers...

Tanaka uotokyo


Institute of Gerontology, The University of Tokyo

Tomoki Tanaka is a project researcher at Institute of Gerontology, The University of Tokyo. Tanaka has received Ph.D. degree in medicine at The ...

1579944571181   jong long guo

Jong-Long GUO

Department of Health Promotion and Education, Education College, National Taiwan Normal University

Professor and Associate Dean Jong-Long Guo received his PhD in Health Education, specializing in health promotion for the elderly, from the Univ...


Masanori KIKUCHI

Research Center for Functional Materials, National Institute for Materials Science

Masanori KIKUCHI got his Ph.D (Engineering) from Waseda University and started working at the present institute in 1995. He has been working on ...


Shu-Chun TENG

Graduate Institute and Department of Microbiology, National Taiwan University

Shu-Chun Teng is a Professor in the Department of Microbiology at National Taiwan University. He received his B.S. in Chemistry from National Ta...

Riken yoshihiroito

Yoshihiro ITO

Cluster for Pioneering Research, RIKEN

Yoshihiro Ito was born in Gifu, Japan, in 1959. He received his Bachelor’s (1981) and Master’s (1983) degrees in polymer chemistry a...

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Ming-Long YEH

Department of Biomedical Enginering/ Medical Device Innovation Center, National Cheng Kung University

Prof. Ming-Long Yeh currently serves as chairman of Department of Biomedical Engineering at National Cheng Kung ...


Yoshimitsu SAGARA

School of Material Science and Chemical Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Yoshimitsu Sagara is an Associate Professor working on supramolecular materials at Department of Materials Science and Engineering in Tokyo Inst...


Taipei, Taiwan l via Online from Japan

Japan 14:00-18:00 | Taiwan 13:00-17:00

Tokyo 14:00-16:00

Taipei 13:00-15:00

Virtual Lab Visit & Meeting

Chang Gung University

  • Center for Biomedical Engineering
  • Healthy Aging Research Center

Invited Japanese Researchers or Delegates from Institutions / Universities

Tokyo 16:00-18:00

Taipei 15:00-17:00

Virtual Lab Visit & Meeting

Taipei Medical University

  • TMU Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

Invited Japanese Researchers or Delegates from Institutions / Universities

Japan 14:30-18:00 | Taiwan 13:30-17:00

Tokyo 14:00-14:30

Taipei 13:00-13:30


Tokyo 14:30-14:40

Taipei 13:30-13:40

Opening Remarks

Group Photo

Session I

Tokyo 14:40-15:20

Taipei 13:40-14:20

Dr. Jim Jinn-Chyuan Sheu


Professor and Chair, Institute of BioMedical Sciences, National Sun Yat-sen University

Dr. Tomoki TANAKA

Project Researcher, Institute of Gerontology (IOG), The University of Tokyo

“Action Research” to Achieve Community-based Comprehensive Approach for Frailty Prevention

Dr. Jong-Long Guo

Professor and Associate Dean, Department of Health Promotion and Education, National Taiwan Normal University

The Effectiveness of Combination of 3D VR and Hand-on Horticultural Therapy on Institutionalized Older Adults' Physical and Mental Health

Dr. Masanori KIKUCHI

Group Leader, Bioceramics Group, Research Center for Functional Materials, NIMS

R&D of the NIMS Polymers and Biomaterials

Dr. Shu-Chun Teng

Distinguished Professor, Graduate Institute and Department of Microbiology, National Taiwan University

Stress Modulates Lifespan

Tokyo 15:20-15:40

Taipei 14:20-14:40

Session II

Tokyo 15:40-16:20

Taipei 14:40-15:20

Dr. Sosuke MIYOSHI


Headquarters for International Industry-University Collaboration, University of Tsukuba

Dr. Yoshihiro ITO

Chief Scientist and Director, Nano Medical Engineering Laboratory, RIKEN

Clinical Application of Microarray Biochip Using Photo-Reactive Polymers

Dr. Ming-Long Yeh

Professor and Chair, Department of Biomedical Engineering, National Cheng Kung University

Researches in Medical Device Innovation Center National Cheng Kung University

Dr. Yoshimitsu SAGARA

Associate Professor, Department of Materials and Chemical Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Development of Rotaxane-based Supramolecular Mechanophores

Tokyo 16:20-16:40

Taipei 15:20-15:40


Tokyo 16:40-16:50

Taipei 15:40-15:50

Break | Onsite Networking from Taipei

Tokyo 16:50-17:50

Taipei 15:50-16:50

GASE Matchmaking Talks

Group Talks

Collaborative Discussion

Tokyo 17:50-18:00

Taipei 16:50-17:00

Closing Remarks

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