At the Cluster for Pioneering Research, outstanding researchers with rich research achievements and strong leadership abilities serve as leaders of Chief Scientist Laboratories and RIKEN Hakubi Research Teams, from where they carry out innovative fundamental research, pioneer new research fields, and carry on research that crosses disciplinary and organizational barriers.

Research Group

Nano Medical Engineering Laboratory
This laboratory aims to create new functional materials by a new method which will be developed by combination of chemical and biotechnological methodology. We use organic synthetic chemistry, combinatorial chemistry, molecular engineering, polymer engineering, hybrid materials engineering, gene and protein engineering, microfabrication technology, and nanotechnology to synthesize new materials and the systems for development of regenerative medicine, artificial organs, drug delivery systems, nanomedicine, molecular imaging, biochips, bioelectronics, artificial enzymes and artificial antibodies.


Research Field: Engineering, Bio-related chemistry, Molecular biology, Polymer chemistry

Cooperation Profile

Motoki Ueda, Siyoong Seo, Baiju Nair, Stefan Muller, Eiki Takahashi, Takashi Arai, Tomonori Iyoda, Shin-ichiro Fujii, Satoshi Tsuneda, and Yoshihiro Ito, "End-Sealed High Aspect Ratio Hollow Nanotube Encapsulating Anticancer Drug - Torpedo-Shaped Peptidic Nanocapsule", ACS Nano, 13, 305-312(2019)