The Department of Health Promotion and Health Education is under the College of Education and is one of the twenty-two departments in the National Taiwan Normal University. In 1954, the Department of Physical Education of the National Taiwan Normal University was renamed as the Department of Physical and Health Education. Then, in 1957, the department disintegrated physical education and health education into 2 separated tracks. Until July 1959, the Department of Health Promotion and Health Education was officially established. Since its establishment, in addition to its continuous efforts to improve teaching equipments, faculty qualification, student quality, the department has been actively involved in all kinds of academic and research events. Due to the high demands for research experts, the Department expanded to establish a graduate institute of Health Education and started offering a master program in 1980. Then, in order to provide continuing education for teachers and strengthen their professional training, the Department began an evening-class program (now this program is integrated into the Extension Division for Inservice and Continuing Education) in 1981. Furthermore, the Department started to offer a summer program for continuing education in 1982, and then lunched additional a summer bachelor degree program in 1989. In 1993, the Department officially instituted its Doctoral Program. Since then, the Department of Health Promotion and Health Education has created a complete plan and comprehensive capacity for the education of health education professionals .

Research Group: I lohas studio

The newly-organized multi-sensual gardening and aromatherapy course combine physical and psychological healing 3D VR with practices, offering educational senior services to the elderly at local elderly service centers, daycare centers, elderly protects centers or nursing homes. By using this innovative education model with unique VR experience, the courses provide various and diverse activities to promote the elderly’s health and well-being and fulfill the goals for active aging.


Research Field: health promotion for middle-aged and elderly people, health management, health education course development, VR alternative treatment development

Past Research Highlight: 
1. Disease health management robot
2. Three-dimension Virtual Reality Immersive Horticultural therapy
3. Three-dimension Virtual Reality Immersive Aromatherapy
4. Three-dimension Virtual Reality Immersive Drug Abuse Preventive Modules
5. Three-dimension Virtual Reality Immersive Smoke Preventive Modules