MDIC (Medical Device Innovation Center) is a research organization that devotes to help booming the industry environment for those startup companies in the Medical Devices Industry. Under the leadership and support of Academia Sinica, Dr. Lai and the Distinguished Proflessor, Dr. Su, MDIC has been working on intergrating our research team, partner enterprises, venture capital firms and NCKU meidcal center to identify the unmet clinical needs and accordingly invent several value-oriented medical device. Especially with our experience and strengths in the fields of teaching, services, research and creation, MDIC believes that our continuous efforts in the medical device industry will eventually bring a great deal of contribution to Taiwan economy in the long run.

Research Group: Nano-micro Mechanics/Biomaterials Laboratory

Research topics at Lab of Prof. Ming-Long Yeh include Cell Therapy in cartilage regeneration, Tissue Engineering in Vascular graft by biotube, Wound healing by electrical stimulator, Shoulder Biomechanics-Suture anchor, Degradable Metal Biomaterials for anchor materials, Degradable Metal Biomaterials for stent materials, 3D printing for degradable metal for orthopedic application, and Drug eluting balloon for angioplasty.


Research Field: Tissue Engineering Cell Therapy; Cartilage Tissue Engineering; Shoulder Biomechanics-Suture anchor; Degradable Metal Biomaterials

Cooperation Profile: 

1. An intelligent exercise system for the elderly
2. Cell therapy in cartilage regeneration