Masanori KIKUCHI

Current position: Group Leader

Institution /Faculty /Department : Research Center for Functional Materials, National Institute for Materials Science


Masanori KIKUCHI got his Ph.D (Engineering) from Waseda University and started working at the present institute in 1995. He has been working on calcium phosphate-based biomaterials. Especially "hydroxyapatite/collagen bone-like nanocomposite", so-called the HAp/Col has been interested worldwide and its first paper has been cited more than 600 at this time. His works are from basic science of apatite (crystal structure, solid solutions, mechanical properties, and so on) to applications. Accordingly, he commercialized Neobone® and Regenos®, hydroxyapatite porous ceramics, as well as Refit®, the porous HAp/Col with several private companies in Japan. He also working on the ISO/TC 150 (Implant for surgery) as an expert and co-convener of its SC 1/WG 3 (Materials/Ceramics). In 2018, ISO 19090, based on his idea and proposal, was published as the first international standard in regenerative medicine.

R&D of the NIMS on Biomaterials

Recent biomaterial researches in NIMS
Masanori Kikuchi, Guoping Chen, Akiyoshi Taniguchi, Nobukata Hanagata, Kousaku Kawakami, Tetsushi Taguchi, Jun Nakanishi, Mitsuhiro Ebara: Research Center for Functional Materials, National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan: KIKUCHI.Masanori@nims.go.jp

Keywords: Biomaterials, ceramics, polymer, biology, scaffold

Biomaterial research in the Polymer-Bio Field, Research Center for Functional Materials, is driven by ceramics, polymer and biology-based material investigation groups. Ceramic-based research group researches on calcium phosphate-based materials, not only for medical use but also environmental clean-up materials. Polymer-based research groups investigate bio-adhesive and related biomaterials, smart polymers for ageing society, multi-functional scaffolds for cartilage and adipose tissue engineering, and drug substance behaviors for effective drug deliveries. Biology-based material research groups study on material-based mechanobiology, e.g., liquid-based stem cell culture material and modulation of cell-cell interaction, and nucleotide acid-based vaccine adjuvant. Recent highlights are listed in each form of our group leaders.

Research Specialty
Material science, engineering and medical application of calcium phosphate base materials. 

Recent Highlight Projects
Improve medical and dental functions of Hydroxyapaite/Collagen Nanocomposite
.Anti-decay self-setting paste was substituted with new bone by bone remodeling process.
.Coating on metal accelerated of osseointegration.
.Add antibacterial function.

Functionalization of Sea Urchin Bone
.Sea urchin bone has unique bimodal pore structure.
.Application to artificial bone filler.
.Application to toxic ion removal.


Research Center for Functional Materials, National Institute for Materials Science